Marriage, Divorce, and the Aging Game

Many of you know that I am divorced. Actually, twice divorced. Not proud of it. But it happened and I cannot go back. Nor should I. Whether or not the divorce has just cause, it’s detrimental to the individuals, the children, and to society as a whole. (I know there are serious circumstances that requireContinue reading “Marriage, Divorce, and the Aging Game”


I’ve been having a daily devotion with a friend of mine on YouVersion. Today we were given a great example of time. Well, time and priorities. The example includes three parts; a bucket, rocks, and sand. The bucket represents time. The rocks represent our most important priorities. The sand is all the extra stuff thatContinue reading “Time”

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love coffee. I once drank as often as Lorelai Gilmore at Luke’s Diner. I have since calmed down a bit. But I still love it. I’ve tried all kinds. StarBucks blonde pour-over. Door County. Dunkin’ Donuts. Off-the-beaten path cafe coffees. Jamaican Blue Mountain. Costa Rican. Italian espresso.Continue reading “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee”


I cannot imagine a life without Jesus. A life without hope. I know sometimes my life may not reflect the wholesomeness of a Christlike spirit but that is the reason Jesus came to us; to make us perfect through our sinful imperfections. He shed His blood and rose from the dead to seal this promise.Continue reading “HOPE”

Genesis 1:27

We live in a world that is currently hell-bent on forcing sexual perversion upon our littles. The forces are great, but our God is greater. God’s will is for us to protect the innocent hearts of our children. Stand up to the plate. Praise God for truth. Praise God for answers. ♥️ Andi

My Dad: The Most Influential Person of My Life

One year ago today, at 12:23 pm, my dad was taken off life support after six hellish weeks of being poked, prodded, intubated, tested, and drugged. At 12:30 pm, he was pronounced deceased. It took a mere 7 minutes to go from life to death. With every breathe he struggled to take on his own,Continue reading “My Dad: The Most Influential Person of My Life”

The Sky: An Ever-Changing Masterpiece

Psalm 19:1The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. I went to my usual get-a-way at lunch today. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, I will enjoy the beauty of this park. The grass. The trees. The frog songs coming from the wooded pathway. The birds soaring highContinue reading “The Sky: An Ever-Changing Masterpiece”