Autumn Morn

Golden streaks of autumn sun,Shoot through the forest trees,Enhancing every color scheme,Contained within the falling leaves. A spider’s web hangs gracefully,Created skillfully through the night,Glistening with the morning dew,A chef d’oeuvre of pure delight. The air is crisp and clean these days,It refreshes my very soul,And awakens a youthful spirit within,Once again…I feel whole. GrapesContinue reading “Autumn Morn”

The Strength of a Mother

Mother’s are extraordinary. Moms are really super heroes often disguised in food stained aprons, messy hair, and unshaven legs. Their energy and will to persevere comes from deep within the center of the earth. That same place where my boys once said I made chili. Moms are resilient. A mom sometimes runs off little toContinue reading “The Strength of a Mother”

Forgiveness: Food for Thought

Ezekiel and I started a Bible study today on forgiveness. I have my own thoughts on this topic. I think there is a difference between “letting go” and “forgiving”. God forgives us when we ask for His forgiveness. Does He forgive us when we don’t ask? Why would He expect us to do something thatContinue reading “Forgiveness: Food for Thought”