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Me on top of the world! Well…on top of Sargent Mountain in Acadia National Park in October 2019. An accomplishment I once believed was an impossibility. Nothing, well…almost nothing, is an impossibility. Determination behind the dream is key.

My First Blog Post!

January 25, 2020

Hi! Welcome to my blog “Coffee with Andi”! I hope that you will feel as though we are having coffee together as I share simple, but important things. Things that will hopefully make your life brighter and happier.

Life isn’t without challenges. My life is no exception. What I share here is what I have learned over the course of my 58 years on this earth. Many things I had to learn over and over again because I had to make sure. You know, getting hit in the head once just wasn’t enough. So maybe I can help you in some way to avoid the hit. Maybe I can help make just one day a little easier for you with a simple thought or with assurance that you are not alone in the way you feel. Maybe I can help you find your dreams again. I know that life has a way of shoving hopes and dreams into the crawl space while filling up the rest of the house with bills, work schedules, children, etc. Let’s not do that. There’s actually room in your home, in your life, for all the daily demands, plus dreams.

Why did I start a blog? It’s been a dream of mine for a long time. But I didn’t have the confidence to start one. I am on FaceBook and for a few years I was very political. Needless to say, that didn’t go well. I got off the site for awhile and when I came back, I changed my whole approach to a healthier one. Our country is so divided and has been for many years now. Writing about political issues also divided me. And what I mean by that is, it tore me up inside. It made me irritable, sad, angry, but mostly, empty. I had to change what I wrote about because, honestly, I just have to write. So what better things to write about than gratitude, happiness, and sunsets. In concentrating on these simple things, I am healing myself. Like I mentioned earlier, my life is no exception to challenges, struggles, and heartache. I have been approached by many in the last few months about how much my writing has helped them in some way. When I walk down the hall and a coworker wraps me up in a hug and thanks me, I realize that I am doing something good with a gift I have been given. And I thank God.

I recently wrote an article about a Bangor Maine law enforcement officer, Lieutenant Tim Cotton. I had visited the police department last October to meet him and the DOJ (Duck of Justice). They were on my bucket list. Anyway, last week I wrote the article and sent it to him along with the pictures I had taken that day. He posted it on the Bangor Maine Police Department page. As of today, there are three thousand likes, 132 comments and 42 shares. That’s not including my page that has 690 likes and 62 shares. And I don’t know how many comments. I don’t tell you this to brag on myself. These people LOVE Tim Cotton. I mean, ADORE him. I wrote about a good man. I wanted to lift him up because he is so humble. And I think that’s a good thing. I will use writing to do that as well. But in doing so, I received comments from people whom I do not know who want to “follow” me. They like what, and how, I wrote. Some suggested I start a blog so they can follow me. I was very surprised about this. So with putting two and two together, my thankful FB friends and those commenting on the Tim Cotton post, I decided that it is time. My family has been wanting me to write for awhile now too. So here I am trying to figure all this out. My first blog post. And I see this as a good thing as well.

I will end my first post with this. Never give up. Never stop dreaming. And always be grateful. And don’t forget to stop by and have a cup of coffee with me now and again.


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