God’s Will

I have a lot of questions concerning God’s will for my life. I know some of you may have the same questions.

How do we know when God is opening a door?

Is it even a door?

How do I know if I should step through it?

How do we know that we are making a right decision?

How do we know his plan for us?

Is this his will, or mine?

How do we know when God is leading us?

How do I know that I’ve surrendered enough to let him work in my life?

Why is all of this so difficult to understand and to know the right answers?

I am struggling with:
Do I wait longer?
Is this a door I see?
Is this the right decision?
Am I pleasing God?

Are you struggling with questions such as these? Have you found the answers you need?

Since I want to do what’s right in God’s eyes, I need some answers. But I am confused on how to know if and how God is working in my life currently. God is not the author of that confusion….so, how do I knowhow do I see…God’s will?

I am a tad bit overwhelmed with life right now.

And of course, I overthink. It’s what I do best.

Let me know your thoughts. It’d be greatly appreciated. ♥️


3 thoughts on “God’s Will

  1. Hi Andi,
    I struggle with the very same questions. To me is a question of trusting my gut and heart. I try to be still and let my heart guide me. And prayers, tons of prayers. I guess, at the end of the day, we never know if we are on the right path, but we can’t stop. We have to keep going and just trust it.
    Blessings to you!

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    1. Thank you so much for your insight and encouragement. It’s difficult when you desire to do right things. If I didn’t care it would be no problem. But I do. I need to relax more and breathe. 🙂🌸


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