Making Decisions

Decision making isn’t my cup of tea. It tends to be painful. Always has been. Even if it’s a small decision like, “Where do you want to eat?” Holy cow…don’t ask me. Just take me.

I’ve been divorced for a decade now. I own a home. I work out in the often not-so-nice world. All of these have pushed me reluctantly into even more decision making. Not sure it will ever get easier to be honest.

But yesterday, I made a big decision. One I’ve been battling with since the beginning of the year. It hit me bigly in the middle of the day about which direction I should go. I officially made the decision. Even though this decision will lead to more decision-making, I needed to finalize this one. Sadly, much to the dismay of others.

But I did it for me. And I feel it is the best for me. Instead of tossing and turning another night, I made a decision.

Whether this turns out to be good, or another painful regret, remains to be seen. I have a history of making wrong decisions.

Decision making to me is kind of like poking a badger with a stick.

So I will wonder.

But the fact is…I made it. And I felt a weight lifted.

One down. One at a time.

Have a joyful day. I feel a tad lighter. ♥️


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