A post by Regie Hamm, one of my favorite bloggers. I can definitely relate to his post.

I used to visit my great-grandmother who was born maybe less than 20 after the Civil War. Her daughter, my maternal grandmother, would tell us stories of traveling through the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin by covered wagon. Grandma was run over by the wheels of a wagon when she was young and her legs never looked quite normal but she was still able to walk. Grandpa was born in January 1900. He was a lumberjack in his early years as a young man. He had a horrific accident with a saw which he somehow survived. Grandma’s basement smelled of dill from all the canning she did. Canning was a means of survival. They knew what it was not have anything so they worked hard to have something. Listening to the elder generation speak of the depression and wars…they knew what it took to survive. And survive they did because here we are today. And now a new improved generation is dictating how life really is to those of us who know first and second hand about the fragility of life. A privileged generation here ONLY because of the survival skills and will-to-live of their grandparents before them.

I hope you take the time to read Regie’s post below. ♥️ Andi

The future is a fragile thing.  You can raise your son or daughter (or whatever the other genders are) in the best way you know how, but then …



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