A Lover of Animals

If I asked my readers who loves animals?, I bet most of you would raise your hand. We might not prefer the same type of animal, but that’s okay. My son, Jet, once had 36+ snakes of various kinds in our home along with tortoises, hissing cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas, iguanas, and a bearded dragon named, Bob. To each his own, right?

A young, adventuring Jet. No, he did not add this pygmy rattlesnake to his collection.

Well, yesterday I received an interesting text from my daughter, Denae. She relayed a conversation between her and Kota, her four year-old daughter.

Kota: Mommy, I don’t want to eat farm animals. They have eyes. I’ll eat my veggies and that’s it, okay?

Mommy: Ok, Kota, do you still want to eat eggs?

Kota: Yes, that’s fine as long as they aren’t chicken eggs. There’s babies in there.

Mommy: Eggs are chicken eggs. But there’s no babies in there. Is that ok?

Kota: Ok, as long as there’s no animals in it.

Denae noted: If food is not an animal, she now calls it “good foods”.

Kota: I’ll eat it as long as it’s good and not bad food with eyes.

Denae noted: Kota actually hates veggies and loves chicken tenders and tacos, so she said we will see how long this will last.

It certainly is sweet how Koto loves animals and how she is starting to put life’s puzzle pieces together. It’s all a part of the learning process.

In junior high school, I announced to my family that I would no longer eat meat. That lasted until my father told me I couldn’t eat The Quonset pizza they ordered. Which, by the way, was THE best pizza on planet earth.

The Quonset, Waukegan, IL

So, my vegetarian diet lasted maybe half a day. Maybe. Today, I am 99.9% carnivore.

I love my grandchildren and all the wonderful, thoughtful things that come from the purity of their hearts. ♥️


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