The Imagination of a Child

I am grateful for the room I have in my basement that allows for a large play area for my grandchildren. They can easily (and happily) stay down there all day long with the many toys, books, and movies they have access to.

There’s nothing quite like the imagination of a child. When a child can take an ordinary something and create an extraordinary something else, well…that’s creativity at its finest.

Oh…I’m not referring to my grandchildren. I’m referring to their father, Ezekiel. 😄 My 29 year-old kid, who I hope never grows up. Well, not totally, anyway.

My son works for an appliance store. He brought home heavy boxes to make his kids a castle. Belle’s tower is on the left. Jack’s is on the right. They absolutely love it as they spend a lot of time in there. They’ve drawn pictures inside on the walls too like those found in a prehistoric cave or Egyptian tomb. This castle is pretty big!

The castle. It’s been well used and moved a few times so it’s looking worn and messy. But the kids still love it!

Ahhhhh….the imagination of children. Gotta love it. Not only love it, but sometimes have the room for it! ♥️


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