A Lover of Animals – An Update

So my sweet granddaughter lasted one day without eating meat. Yesterday, her mommy made her a non-meat meal. She was, however, upset that her parents were eating pork sandwiches.

Denae’s update:

So today we had a conversation about God creating animals and the differences between farm, pet, and exotic animals.

But the heart-crushing part came when Kota asked if the animals were okay with being food.

(Permission granted to tear up now.)

Kota said she will eat farm animals as long as they are okay with it. And she refuses to eat her pets (of course).

She still won’t eat a pork sandwich but she was 1000% okay with getting her favorite Dunkin wake-up wrap with bacon today. But she did ask if the pig was okay with being the bacon.

Denae to her husband: Mando, we are going to be vegetarians now. I can’t deal with the questions.

Note about Mando: he is a phenomenal griller of meats. He has the magic touch when it comes to grilling, frying, and roasting.

The master…grilling for my 60th birthday.

My sweet Dakota is certainly a deep thinker, and compassionate beyond measure. I just love that little girl to pieces. ♥️


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