A Stormy Sunset

If you’ve read my posts long enough you know that I’m quite enchanted with sunsets. I love sunrises as well, but if I have to choose, sunsets win.

Last night’s sunset did not disappoint. Ezekiel and I sat on my front porch swing. It was a most perfect evening. As we talked, I noticed the stunning clouds in the west. Their outlines glowing, emphasized by the setting sun. I had to take pictures of course. Always thinking of blog material.

Then as the sun began to sink deeper into the horizon, the sky seemed to catch on fire. It changed so quickly.

I told Ezekiel to get in the car and I was going to take him to my sunset watching spot. It’s a place where I often go by myself just to admire the sky…and think. If you are a Pooh fan you will understand it as being my Thotful Spot.

When we arrived, the sky looked both mean and promising. Very beautiful either way.

The sun was brilliant and there was a veil of heavy rain in front of it. I don’t recall ever seeing that before.

I find God in all of nature and sunsets are no exception. Nature is where I feel the closest to him. And that’s where I choose to be…as often as I can. ♥️


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