About that brush…

A few days ago I wrote about my brush. You know, the one with missing bristles. Well, I just want to say that brush was a lifesaver today.

I have this valley in my yard. A deep valley with steep hills. It’s a pain in the arse to be honest. I had to drop four ash trees in that valley as the ash borer killed them. Needless to say the yard was damaged when the trees fell. Now it is even more tedious to mow.

Nyx and I went out to pick up sticks and limbs. There’s so much. And it was hot out. I sat on a tree stump to rest at one point and half of it crumbled beneath me as it is really decayed. That’s gonna leave a bruise.

When I did all that I absolutely could, I came in and took off my jeans. (I had worn long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and a ball cap.) That’s when I found a tick crawling up my leg. I quickly untied my hair and grabbed my beloved brush. I brushed ticks out of my hair! I had to get each one out of the brush before I ran it through again.

I instantly thought of Nyx who was lying in the grass in the valley and I knew I needed to give her a bath. After her bath, it was my turn to shower. I lost count of how many tiny ticks I had on the backs of my legs! I tell you I was close to having an anxiety attack.

When I was young there were two things that terrified me. One was a match book. We didn’t have those those long butane fire starters like we have now. Lighting a match scared me to death. The other was ticks. We called them wood ticks. Lighting a match to burn a wood tick about did me in.

Nyx and I are clean and hopefully tick free at the moment. But I am still upset about them. There were so many and, did I get them all?!

Anyway, my brush did not let me down even though it’s missing bristles. I love my brush! ♥️


2 thoughts on “About that brush…

    1. I have both of those oils. I will douse myself in them before going out there again. I will check to see if they are safe for dogs. Also, my son said they are more active during sunny days. I will avoid that.


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