If You Truly Believe…

…that Jesus is with you ALL the time…

Would you….

Do the things you do?

Say the things you say?

Work the way you work?

Teach the way you teach?

Live the way you live?

Would you?

After the fact, I usually realize what I’ve done. Then I thank God for His patience as I work to do better next time.

(Shhhh….I mess up a lot. 😳)

I hope your weekend has been great so far. Thank you for reading my many posts of late. I sure appreciate you! ♥️


6 thoughts on “If You Truly Believe…

  1. A great reminder. How would we feel if Jesus came to our house with dust on the Bible? This blog really applies to me. I need to be a better example. Thank you for the reminder, Andi. You are a blessing!

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