This is in reference to my recent post called Toxic Relationships. I actually took this from a comment shared on that post.

The comment: “Sometimes it seems to be more difficult to walk away than stay.”

What do we do when it seems easier to stay in a toxic relationship than leave?

For one, maybe you shouldn’t leave. I’m not suggesting that leaving is the one-size-fits-all answer to a toxic relationship, especially in a marriage. Remember: God desires that marriage remains intact.

Are you fearful? If so, why?

I believe fear is a factor in choosing to stay or go, and it can even interfere with seeking help. Fear of retaliation. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the future. These are all very real scenarios.

If the fear is related to retaliation, or any type of abuse, then that needs to be addressed differently, cautiously, and wisely. And that is above my pay grade. Seeking help would be a priority.

But if you are simply afraid of taking steps and making changes then maybe you need to take some time to really think about this. Fear keeps us from taking chances. From healing. From moving forward in life. Fear keeps us from living.

I have been fearful all my life. I look back with much regret of things I missed out on because fear prevented me from doing so much. Fear of driving anywhere that was a distance away. Fear of going away to college. Fear of trying new things. Fear of doing things on my own. Fear, fear, fear.

But now that I’ve starting letting go of fear, life is opening up to me in so many ways and is much more exciting. Everyday is new.

Getting help to sort things out is always a good idea. Talking with a bestie, a church counselor, a therapist. Someone trustworthy. I chose God. He doesn’t disappoint.

Sometimes we just can’t see the whole picture because we are standing in it. ~Andi

Don’t let fear rule your life. But be smart. This isn’t just about toxic relationships. This is about living life to the fullest.

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥️


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