Time of Your Life


The clock never stops…

I was watching Dr. Phil this afternoon when I fell asleep. As I started to wake up I heard him in the background talk about the hours in a person’s life. It got me to thinking about my hours. Time spent and time left. So I did some figuring.

Say I live until I’m 80 years old. That means on my 62nd birthday, I will have 157,248 hours left in my remaining 936 weeks. That really doesn’t seem like much, does it?

If I count backwards 936 weeks, it takes me back to age 44. That was not so long ago. It certainly put things in perspective.

Life is so short. Time doesn’t stand still for you or me. We should do our absolute best to fill our precious hours and weeks and years with love. Love for our families, our friends, and those in our communities. And we should try to make this world a better place. At least in our little corner of it.

Let’s spend our time wisely and live life fully. Not selfishly, but with a giving and grateful heart. ♥️


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