Be Amazed

Yesterday I began a five day Christmas devotional on YouVersion. It is called “All is Calm”. This morning one of the first sentences struck me and honestly, it’s all I thought about as I sort of listened to the the rest of the devotional and scripture verses.

Why are we instructed to read and reread the Bible? Why must we hear the story of Creation…again? Of Noah? Of the parting of the Red Sea? Of Christ’s miraculous conception and birth? Why all the repetition?

In my devotional this morning, I was enlightened. We need to hear every story, every lesson, again and again, because our minds tend to forget and our hearts cease to be amazed.

Our hearts cease to be amazed.

You may think that repetition would cause us to be unimpressed or even become hardened. But if our hearts are right, every repetition of a story should solidify our faith, our trust, and our love. And we should be amazed.

Whether you celebrate December 25th as the birth of Christ or not, His birth was miraculous and designed with the greatest of all purpose. I suggest you step away from the hustle and bustle of the material aspect of the holiday season and find yourself a quiet place. Reread the story of Jesus’s birth and embrace the beauty of the greatest gift of all. Rejoice with the angels and allow your heart be amazed again. ♥️

Merry Christmas!!


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