My Purpose in Life Began 40 Years Ago

Forty years ago I was given my purpose in life. Although I find it to be most difficult at times, it has been my greatest adventure, my greatest love. Motherhood.

Nathan was born forty years ago today. It is hard for me to acknowledge that I have a forty year old child. I was forty just yesterday.

Nathan was two when his brother was born. Then four more children blessed my life. We had a houseful. He is the only one of six to have me all to himself but he couldn’t wait for his brother to be born. He even named his little brother, Jesse.

My parents, my sister, and my friend, Chelle, adored Nathan. Gosh, he sure made them laugh with the funny things he would say. He was the first grandchild on both sides.

Nathan was always busy. Busy hands and an extraordinarily busy mind. He’s still that way. He’s constantly feeding his mind with knowledge. I’ve never met another like him in that respect. His first word was clock. That should have been our first indication that Nathan’s mind worked differently than most.

His love for science and history runs deep and he can hold in-depth conversations in either subject about most any topic. As a homeschooled student, his joy was memorizing the Periodic Table of Elements and reading chemistry books…because he wanted to.

Nathan is gifted with many talents. He has a green thumb and once filled my yard with tulips. Many varieties of tulips popped up throughout our yard in the spring. It was beautiful. He planted a lilac outside my bedroom window so that when the breeze blew, one of the most beautiful scents on all the earth, would waft into my room and cover my bed. He also grew the most wonderful vegetable gardens and I would can or freeze those treasures at harvest. The extra produce would find themselves in a homemade cannon of sorts and he and his brother and their friend would shoot veggies at each other. Boys…..

Nathan was very curious about many things and I’m still discovering the antics of his youth. I would have died then knowing some of the things he did. They are laughable now.

One of Nathan’s biggest curiosity and venture was in the world of pyrotechnics. His love for pyrotechnics began in the lab next door in his friend’s shed. Later, our family worked together in a fireworks company that we purchased after the owner’s unexpected passing.

It wasn’t an easy job for any of us. Pyrotechnics is hard work. But mixed in with some bad times are many good (and very funny) memories. We all learned a lot about each other, life, and the fascinating world of pyrotechnics. Our company entertained hundreds of thousands of people over the years. How many people can say that? Nathan opened our world to an adventure that many people would never dream of experiencing. I thank him for that.

Deep down Nathan wants the best for everyone. And while he comes across as brash, he has a heart of gold and he means well. Nathan feels everything deeply like his momma, which is a curse and a blessing. He grew up watching his mom so deeply passionate about certain life issues to the point it would become an obsession to her. I admit I was intense at times. But the bottom line was I was trying to save the world from something harmful or morally wrong…one passion at a time. Only the world didn’t see the need for saving and I’d end up empty and depleted. Nathan has followed the example I gave him during his young, impressionable years. I’ve since mellowed as I realize I can only do so much without neglecting those closest to me. Sharing my thoughts through writing and praying are my absolute best anymore. Prayer will never disappoint because God knows all and works according to His timing. My influence, my footprint, will be left in the hearts of my children, family, and friends.

Nathan is forty today. How can this be?

Happy Birthday, my son. Thank you for being the first to give me purpose in life. My love for you runs deep. Be at peace in your life. You are very complex yet there is a simplicity about you that reminds me of my little boy of long ago. I cherish that. Although we are miles apart you can find me in every sunrise and sunset. We share in the love of the beauty of God’s ever-changing sky. A connection of hearts. ♥️

Mom/ Andi

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