Be Like Karen

The name Karen has certainly gotten a bad rap over the past several years. I’m not sure how it got started or why that particular name was chosen to represent women who are privileged, obnoxious, demanding, and angry.

But to suggest that all Karens are alike is well, kind of…Karenish.

I have a close friend named Karen. She is a most cherished friend of mine and let me tell you why.

My Karen is the complete opposite of the stereotyped Karen. My Karen is beautiful. She is oh so smart and witty. My Karen is a nurturer and a healer. Physical and mental health are priorities in her life and she shares her wealth of knowledge with others.

My Karen loves and appreciates the earth and all the wondrous treasures within it. She surrounds herself in everything beautiful. Karen spends endless hours hiking with her husband…breathing in God’s creation. Appreciating every. single. breath.

My Karen is compassionate about many things. She stands up for all that is good and right. She loves our country, her family, and God. And she’s not afraid to share that love.

My Karen is beyond grateful. She is aware of the fragility of life and builds her life around that sentiment. That’s what makes her so precious. It’s my wish that everyone could have a Karen in their life just like my Karen.

So be like Karen.
My Karen. ♥️


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