Trusting God

I started my new job as the clerk-treasurer in my tiny town. Yesterday morning, I was asked by my friend how the new job was going. I replied, “I’m not sure.”

Last night after work, I responded again, “I’m still not sure.”

His reply, “All you need to be sure of at this point is you need a job. Leave the rest up to God!”

Then another text from him, “Trust God!!! He has the perfect plan for you…..”

Trusting God.
How easily it is to forget to trust when we get busy…and then we become overwhelmed with anxiety.

I prayed. And prayed some more. God knew all that was heavy on my heart. He closed a door while opening another, and after I walked through it, I question, “What am I doing in this new room?” What happened to my trust?

Sometimes we need a good friend to remind us of where we are grounded. I know I’ve gotten all tangled up in these changes that are happening all at once. I’m leaving what was my life for two years and now venturing out on my own. This is really big for me. But I asked God for this. I can’t forget Him now.

I’m putting things back into perspective today and trusting God. I’m here for a reason and I do see why to an extent. I will work on having a positive impact on this new position.

Thanks to MH for grounding me. Again. ♥️


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