A Slight Panic

Friday. Two days before Christmas. While it is a comfortable 69 degrees inside my home, it is a cool -9 degrees outdoors. Winds are steady at 24 mph which creates a windchill of -36.

I don’t need to worry about anything blowing away outside as everything is frozen to the place they occupy. With temps like these, it’s almost feels inhumane to let Nyx go outside for a potty break. Her feet freeze within seconds. She loves the outdoors but really does not appreciate this weather. At all. She runs out fast and does her business even faster.

I have to admit I went into a slight panic this morning when I couldn’t open doors to the outside. The sliding door to the back deck is frozen fast. With it being so cold I didn’t risk breaking glass so I tried to let Nyx out the front door. I tried and tried but couldn’t open that door either. Opening the garage door was not an option and the basement door is so old that I didn’t even consider that one. So panic shot through my body like a lightening bolt at the thought of not being able to get out of my house (claustrophobic, perhaps?) or, heaven forbid, an emergency that required personnel to get into my house. And where is Nyx going to poop! So I tried again with the front door. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. It would not budge even slightly. Then I turned the little latch by the handle. Oops…my bad. 😬

I’m glad we have no where to go today. Or, for the next three days. I don’t mind. I have projects to work on. And a couple of traditional Christmas movies to watch. We are safe and warm as long as the power does not go out. I looked at the future forecast and New Year’s Eve is supposed to be 56 degrees. Nice.

Please check on your neighbors during this time. Even if it isn’t weather related, the holidays can be such a sad, difficult time for so many.

Enjoy your day. Be safe and warm. And be nice to those who are stuck in close quarters with you. Oh, and try unlocking the door before opening. Life is so much better without unnecessary panic. ♥️


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