I like change. I just don’t wanna be there when it happens. ~Monk

If you ever watched Monk, you’ll find humor in that quote.

I talk about change a lot. I am one who doesn’t particularly like change. Even when I see a beloved actor age or die, I consider it to be a change in my life. Somehow I feel it’s altered me in some way. Maybe it’s just impacted my vision, in that nothing, or no one, lasts forever…or even stays the same.

Change can be difficult.

But then there are good changes too. Seasons come and go and each bring with it it’s own mystery and beauty.

my seasonal photos

Changes come almost daily with my grandchildren. Juneau started walking on her own two days ago. A couple of my grandkids are just beginning their long school journey. Thankfully, from home.

screenshot from the video of her first steps

You hate to say goodbye to baby days, but the joy children bring to each new day, with their unique personalities and stages of development, are changes you just don’t want to wish away.

I have been experiencing changes in my life lately. I’m referring mostly to the internal changes which I believe are of greater importance. I am discovering who I am on a deeper level and coming to terms with where I am in the present time. Not that I’m not continually striving to be a better person because I am. I’m not stagnant. But I am more at peace with the things I cannot change.

Embrace the good changes in your life, and learn from the not-so-good. Change is inevitable so we need to accept it. ♥️


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