The Pot

I wondered if my parents had gotten rid of these pots. We had two. I’ve seen these in antique stores and thought about purchasing one but it wouldn’t be the same. Then my sister sent me this picture yesterday. She asked if I would like the other one. Why, yes, I would!

It’s hard to believe that my mom cooked dinner for a family of five in one of these pots. Serving sizes were probably more correct, and therefore, healthier back in the 60’s and 70’s when we were growing up.

Mom made a delicious tomato soup in this pot. The best part of it was the bacon she added. I have her recipe. In fact, I have most of her recipes. I need to go through them again. Most are in her handwriting.

Two of the best meals to come out of that pot, no the three best meals, were Mom’s homemade spaghetti, our grandfather’s Hungarian goulash, and Dad’s gaucho Italian beef. Mmmmmm….those were the days.

Mom’s spaghetti sauce took all day to cook. She’d start that sauce early in the morning and it would simmer until Dad got home from work between 5 and 6. I think the secret to it being the best spaghetti sauce on the planet was the pork chop she threw in there in the morning. It simmered with the tomatoey ingredients until the bone came out clean. I remember those days, usually on a weekend, when the mouth watering aroma of that sauce filled the our home all day long.

I’ve tried to make Mom’s spaghetti and never got it to taste the same as hers. I guess because it was hers. You know, made with her love.

The goulash I’ve replicated and it is very good. And Dad’s gaucho beef…well, he bought it ready-made, Chicago style, probably from an Italian deli, and heated up in that pot. Then he made these delicious sandwiches with sweet peppers on special rolls. I found some Italian beef in the freezer section of a grocery recently, and while it’s not quite the same, it will do until I take the time to find an authentic recipe.

My sister remembers Mom making popcorn in that pot. I don’t recall that but I’m sure she had to make a couple of batches.

The picture of that pot on my sister’s stove, boiling potatoes, sure brings back memories. Mom’s potato salad started in that pot. Oh! and I remember when Mom was boiling eggs and they all exploded from the pot and hit the ceiling after the water boiled out. What a mess that was! I’ve done the same. I get it honest, kids. 😊 I could go on and on. Such good memories.

I think today I might go through some of Mom’s recipes and dig out a couple of favorites. And while I’m at it, I might dig out a pork chop from the freezer. ♥️


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