A Peaceful Protest

I am very passionate about many things. For one, I love this country and all that it stands for. I can’t really give financially to the many issues that need support so I try be supportive with prayer, participation, or by simply being a presence.

I believe we have a right to peacefully protest. Much of what happened last year was not peaceful. Certain groups were able to destroy cities, livelihoods, and sadly, took lives of innocent people who tried to protect what was theirs…all while falsely labeled as peaceful by those who hate.

The People’s Convoy is headed to DC and it is a peaceful protest. It stopped near me for a peaceful rally last week. I wasn’t able to attend the event which was overflowing with supporters but I was able to greet another link of the convoy on Saturday morning.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, or choose to wear a mask or not, everyone should be fighting for the right to make our own choices. Making our own choices gives us dignity. Strip us of our dignity and we become pawns to the elite and no longer viewed as an individual human being. This peaceful convoy is representing all of us who believe in our constitutional right to make our own health care choices.

As I stood on an overpass waiting for the convoy to come through, myself and several others waved at the traffic below. Some of the group waved the American flag while others secured large flags over the rail of the bridge. It was a beautiful sight really.

Trucks blew their horns. Cars honked their’s. People waved to us inside their vehicles and out of their windows and sunroofs. Many drivers gave us the peace sign. It was great.

There were four drivers though who shocked me. They gave us the finger. One gave us a thumbs down. And I have to ask why? I consider them to be those who probably don’t play well with others. Is it because they hate the condition of the country? Do they despise the decisions made by the man in office? Or, do they feel we should submit and conform?

I do not associate the American flag with our current administration. The flag represents all the things that this administration does not. The flag is bigger, better, and stronger than they are because of all of us who peacefully stand, unified, for the rights of the people and all that our country was founded on. This administration seriously falls short. But that is their agenda. We the people are stronger.

So why would anyone want to flip us off? Do they hate our country that much? I do not understand. But…in all fairness, it is their right to express their feeling. I just don’t feel it was in an appropriate manner. If you have that much anger inside that you have to flip someone off who is smiling and waving an American flag at you, I will question your reasoning. And maybe even feel sorry for you. Maybe.

Shame on those who give the finger to our flag and our country. Maybe visiting another country would open their eyes to the blessings, dreams, and possibilities of living in the United States of America and under the U.S. Constitution.

Pray for our country like your life depends on it because, honestly…it does. ♥️


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