I tell you there is nothing greater than truth, yet nothing is harder to find.

I believe that we are so overrun with untruth that we will never find truth again on this earth or in our lifetime.

I’m not talking about our close intimate relationships, although those can be tough challenges as well. I’m referring to our government and all of the offices, departments, and agencies within. I’m talking about the far-left but also some of those who claim to be right. I’m talking about world leaders and governments as well. Will we ever know the truth? Or, have we dug a hole so deep and intertwined years of lies so tightly that no one living today could possibly untangle all the hidden secrets, missions, and agendas. How could one person ever be able to grasp it all and be able to relay that information to the rest of us? The complexity of our life today will never be understood. Opinions vs science vs truth, etc., we live in chaos, and nothing seems real anymore.

The lies and untruth that bombard us daily is the purest of evil. When a lie is continually repeated, we begin to believe the lie as truth. The media is doing just that. How so many people can stick together with their lies and deceit is beyond my comprehension. Shame on them. I wish them sleepless nights.

But I will tell you this. On my way home from work, I caught a view that was beyond beautiful. So beautiful that I had to turn around and find a place to stop just so I could take it in. I took several photos (I can never take just one) and every time I look at these pictures, guess what I see? I see TRUTH. I see God’s truth. And thankfully no one can rob us of that. Not the left or the right. Not someone’s opinion. Not even the media. TRUTH.

God is TRUTH.

He was. He is. He will always be…TRUTH.

Bury yourself in God’s truth. Remove your presence from the megaphone of life that spews out hatred, lies, and deceit and find comfort in the heavens above. Look up to see God’s truth. He is never too far away. ♥️


4 thoughts on “TRUTH

  1. The Bible says that truth is simple. Despite the waves of lies truth is still there. It’s so simple that nobody believes it.

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  2. It is so difficult to discern the truth that my head is spinning. If we just keep an open mind and heart it will come to us. We just need to be willing to accept that truth once it is made clear.

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