A Marked Tree

Returning from an outing, we took the back way home on a hilly, windy road…my favorite kind of road.

As we drove along, I happened to notice a tree on a front lawn was marked with a thick red ❌. The tree was unique in form, but healthy looking. It stood near the road and I wondered if that was the reason it would be taken down. That was a sad thought as I love trees.

I started thinking about marked things. And because of the current world we live in, I thought about the marking of people. Honestly, we are living in a marked society.

*We are marked by wearing masks.
*We are marked by displaying an American flag.
*We are marked by being vaccinated.
*We are marked by being unvaccinated.
*We are marked by our opinions.
*We are marked if we are a Trump supporter.
*We are marked by carrying vaccine passports.
*We are marked as Christians.
*We are marked for speaking up.
*We are marked for supporting the US Constitution.
*We are marked for being patriotic.

There’s no other way to look at it. We are a marked people.

These markings cause division and hate. Friends against friends. Employer against employee. Teachers against parents. Race against race. Party against party.

The tree I saw with the red ❌ on it appeared to be alive and well. But it was marked for a reason. To be removed. That’s what the marking of people does as well. It is the removal of something.

And that would be: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Marking a healthy tree is sad enough. Marking people is an unfathomable tragedy placed upon the human race. We need to not let this happen. It begins with us as individuals to make it stop.

On a sweeter note: it is is a most beautiful morning. The air is crisp and clear. So refreshing. The corn has been taken in. Another harvest complete. Next year’s crop will be soybeans.

Enjoy this glorious morning. Love our God with all your heart and soul. Be ever so thankful for His beloved Son, Jesus. And pray without ceasing. ♥️


4 thoughts on “A Marked Tree

  1. It is like the star o David that the Jewish people were made to wear by the Nazi’s in Germany, marked for death.
    On a more pleasant thought, it may have Asian Bore Beatles, we lost both our trees to it. They looked healthy until they were cut open and you could see the devastation those little bugs caused.

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