A Walk in the Park

I cannot begin to tell how much I enjoy this cooler weather…and this park. Lots of good memories here with my children, our dogs, my second 5k, and my solo time of trail running. Yesterday, I parked in my usual spot under the trees at lunchtime. Typically, I eat my lunch, write, and then take a power nap before going back to the office. But not yesterday. Fall energizes me. I took my first walk of the season.

Hint of fall oranges, yellows, and reds dotted the scenery. Remember what I mentioned about an autumn sky? It’s bluer than blue. Yesterday was no exception.

If you recall I wrote about my running experience here at the nature park. It once was a gravel pit. The bottom of the pit is pretty barren and rocky, and gets very hot. It was actually hot there yesterday too. This is where the buzzards circled me on one of my runs. To me, it resembles a film location of an alien planet for a B-rated movie. Or, maybe a movie set in the 50’s or 60’s before all this new technology.

I didn’t get to walk as far as I would have liked but I stopped to take many pictures for you. Eventually, I’ll make it through the desert below and up along the ridge. But probably not on my lunch hour.

Enjoy your coffee this morning and take a little time for yourself on this Saturday! We all need a little me time. ♥️


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