Note to Self:Put Your Glasses On!

When I was in the third grade my eye doctor put me in glasses. I wore them for awhile and then my parents took me to another doctor. I’m not sure why. We found out that the lenses in my glasses were nothing more than window glass. I no longer wore glasses at that point. I popped the lenses out and used the frames for a science project. My dad and I attached a small lightbulb on the nose piece and wired it to a battery. Then I could read in bed. I don’t remember what grade I got but it was a good memory with my dad.

When I was 21, my eyes went weird on me during my first pregnancy. I got bifocals. But that was all wrong, again. For one, I cannot walk in bifocals. Plus, I didn’t need bifocals. I went to another doctor and got glasses for distance which I would wear once in awhile.

Then I turned 40. Everything went downhill. I really needed glasses then. My prescription was still only for distance and has remained the same. I use them mostly for driving, but just at night or on those hard-to-see days. I use readers now too and I have those glasses with the special blue light blocking lens for computer work. Three pair for three purposes…oh, and not to forget my contact lenses.

As I’m driving to work this morning I come upon a pasture of cows. I can’t help but watch them. Especially the young ones who happily run circles around their mommas. (I have a great fondness for cows.)

I am traveling along side of this fence row of pasture when I see a black cow in the distance near the fence and she appears to be in distress. Her head is bobbing up and down and slightly back and forth. She appears to be trying to get something off her face. It looks like her head is stuck in something white, like a bucket or bag of some sort.

A million things rushed through my head. I remember seeing a video where a policeman helps a skunk whose head is stuck in a jar. And I think of a bear who is stuck in a bucket. I think of a sea turtle wrapped in plastic. And in my head I’m screaming at all the people who throw trash out of their windows along the ditches, into pastures, and out to sea.

As I get closer I’m thinking about how I’m dressed for work but I have to save this cow! How do I get over that fence? Should I call work now, or after? I’m in panic mode thinking of how to save this poor girl.

Until I get up next to her and she lifts her head up out of the tall grass.

That’s when I see that her face is half white. Moo.

In my defense, it was unusual in that the white only covered her nose and halfway up to her eyes. But wow…did I feel foolish and I was all alone in my car. It’s pretty bad when you can embarrass yourself in front of yourself.

So the lesson is this:

If we don’t put our glasses on we can certainly have a pretty distorted view of life and the world around us. I’m not just talking about eyewear. I’m referring to seeing things with a clear, informed mind. Removing prejudices and judgments prior to listening, observing, and reacting. That way you can see the whole cow.

I am so glad I didn’t have to jump the fence today but I would have if she was in serious need of help.

The only restriction on my driver’s license is that my car has side mirrors. I’ve never heard of that before. But I should probably wear my glasses more often while driving…even in the daylight. 😬

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading this post. Seventy days in a row of posting! Happy Friday! ♥️


PS Be responsible and dispose of your trash appropriately. Keep this old lady out of ditches and pastures and on the road.

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