Driving the Speed Limit

This time of the year you have to be mindful of farm equipment traveling down the roads around here. Typically, you don’t have to follow them for too long before they turn into a field or farm.

Most days I do not follow anyone on my way to work through these country roads. But once in awhile…argh.

The speed limit on country roads is 45 mph unless posted otherwise. I admit I drive a tab bit over that as long as the roads are dry and I’m not in traffic. Once in awhile though I end up behind someone who drives 10 miles below the speed limit. That doesn’t make me happy. Then we turn south onto a short road that runs past a couple of factories where the speed limit drops to 30 mph. And wouldn’t you know…98% percent of the slow drivers, you know…the ones driving 10 mph too slow on a fast road, now drive 10-15 mph above the speed limit. I don’t get it.

How we manage our speed and our attitude on the roadways is probably a good indicator of how we manage our life during rushed or stressed times. I know when I’m driving and someone continues to exhibit poor driving skills, I say really?! a lot. Like I never make dumb decisions or upset others.

In daily living, do you drive the posted speed, or do you push the limits? When the light turns yellow do you stop when you should, or do you squeeze the lemon like my brother, Dan, says. Do you use turn signals to indicate your next move or do you just surprise others by keeping things secret?

Life does have a lot of rules. Man-made rules are not always consistent, but the roadway rules help to keep us safe. God is consistent though and we need to be most mindful of His instruction.

This is the beginning of a new week. I will practice good driving skills on and off the road. Even though I am more than exhausted after this busy weekend, I intend to make this a good day. I hope yours is exceptional. ♥️


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