Often we judge others as being a hypocrite. We can see hypocrisy everywhere. In our politicians, in other various forms of leadership, at work, in our schools, and sadly, in our churches. We watch how others live and see how their words just don’t match up with their actions.

How often though are we also hypocrites? Do we say one thing yet do another? Do as I say, not as I do. Are we judgmental of others while doing the same only privately? Are we pretending to be someone’s friend only because we see a possible gain of some sort? Do we boast of being a Christian yet God’s rules don’t apply to us? We humans love to rationalize and we can make just about anything right in our own eyes.

Living a hypocritical life is purely for self gain. Everything bad usually derives from selfishness. I know I have been selfish. Hypocritical too. It’s nothing to be proud of.

It’s probably best not to promote ourself a certain way when we know we’re going to do what we want…which is the exact opposite. It’s maybe best to be quiet, I think. Or, better yet…just be honest.

Thank you again for sharing a moment of your time, and a cup of coffee with me. ♥️


Photo: sunrise at my home, October 2019

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