I wrote a blog a long time ago about this same subject. I felt compelled to write about it again.

What is a gift, first of all? Well, it’s something we give to another with no strings attached. It’s given from the heart. A gift can be material or not.

A gift is also a special talent given to us from Above. I could never list all of the wonderful talents God has blessed us with. They are as unique and individual as we are. I truly believe each of us has at least one gift, if not several.

When I was a young mom with four kids, I became to frustrated with my life. Even angry at times. I thought, is this all there is to MY life? When is it MY time?

As hard as that was to share with you, I’m happy to say that was a very short-lived season in my life. I prayed a lot and threw my anger, resentment, and frustration at His feet. And then it came to me. I was in the most perfect place. I was doing exactly what I should have been doing. I was being a mom. And that was my gift from God.

Once I realized this my heart was settled and I found the most fulfilling part of my life was being a committed mom. I was exactly where I should be.

I am in no way suggesting that my life was a piece of cake from then on. I was in a bad marriage and I was distracted often with depression, grief, and sadness. Sadly, sometimes those pulled me away from the closeness with my children. It was a time of great confusion for all of us. But, regardless, being a mom was/ is my gift.

Another gift for me is writing. I don’t consider myself to be an exceptional writer, but the messages I receive from readers let me know that I touch them in one way or another. And I am grateful for that.

Have you ever regifted a gift? We might feel somewhat awkward regifting a material gift. But the gifts/ talents we have been blessed with should be regifted. Sacrificing and sharing our time, energy, our voices, our hands…those are of great importance. What is a talent worth if it’s not given to others?

What is your gift? What do you do with it? There are a great many blessings in regifting.

Enjoy your Saturday. I’m drinking my coffee out on my deck. It is cool this morning. A welcomed change for sure. ♥️


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