Winning Isn’t Everything…

but being a good person is.

I’ve encountered situations throughout my lifetime where I felt it absolutely necessary to win. To come out on top. To be the first, the best, the most righteous, the wisest. And some of these were more likely than not at the expense of another.

How often have we misrepresented ourselves and/or our intention to get what we want? Have we ever taken advantage of someone’s kindness, their trusting spirit, their graciousness because they are an easy target?

Are we willing to throw out all of our upbringing, our schooling, our religious teaching, our morals, our values for a moment of victory? Just to say, I conquered?

What did we actually achieve, besides gloating for a day or two? What was the prize? A name for ourself? Another tally mark?

Winning is never winning if we are not a good and honest person. When we sacrifice others for our own glory, that speaks volumes about the condition of our heart. And it is a true reflection of who we are.

I’d like to believe that I am far removed from that part of my life. I’ve seen the faces of those I’ve hurt in the past. There is no triumph, no glory, no winning, no satisfaction in that. I’ve felt the pain of another’s defeat at the expense of me being having to be right or get what I wanted.

What matters in life is honesty. It’s about being a good person no matter what the circumstance or where we are. It’s being Christ-like whether we are in, or out, of a church building. Because nothing is hidden from God.

The ultimate win is entering the pearly gates at the end of our own personal race. ♥️


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