Three Dogs and a Kitten

When the work day doesn’t always go as so well, it’s nice to know that you will be greeted with love when you arrive at home.

Nyx goes crazy when I walk through the door to the house. I can barely get inside. Then she races around and barks at everyone inside the house and runs back to me. She does this several times. She’s a nut.

Crystal is afraid of getting stomped on by an over reactive Nyx so she tries to see me while staying clear of her. But Nyx will bark loudly in her face and it stops her in her track.

Amber will be waiting for me at the end of the entryway, smiling with her squinty eyes and maybe offering me a gift as goldens tend to do. She tries to avoid getting knocked over too, and Nyx doesn’t leave her out. She also gets a big dose of dog bark from the wild one.

I’m not sure about Frodo yet. He loves to be held…for now. I take it that he likes me at least a little. He also seems to do fine with Crystal. This little guy has sent Nyx scurrying to her corner with his barely audible hiss and a swipe of his tiny paw. We will see as Frodo gets bigger who will win. But currently Frodo is ahead 1-0.

Animals are pretty amazing when it comes to lifting spirits and healing hearts. I cannot hardly tolerate the extra hair around this place (just ask my kids) but I’m not sure what I’d do without our dogs…and our new kitten.

Enjoy your evening, and your pets, if you’ve been blessed with any. ♥️


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