Touching Others

Today I was pleasantly surprised with a text from a friend. She thought of me with the photos she took yesterday. I’m glad that she sees me in a positive light.

It is my goal to touch your heart in a good way. Not that I’m all that. I’m not. I have learned everything the hard way and have worked from the ground up to be a better person. Once-upon-a-time, I wasn’t so good. I was easily influenced to be very negative about life and people in general. I was conflicted between who I was deep down inside and the heavy influence outside by someone close to me. I caved. But since I’ve removed myself from that pressure, I am returning back to the person I once was. And hopefully, I’m even better today.

We touch others everyday…even unintentionally. And we leave our mark with them either negatively or positively. I choose to positively touch others. I know I fail periodically but it is my goal to do better. I’m glad that you are forgiving of those times when I do fail and that you return to visit me here.

I am thrilled to know that someone relates to me as a positive in her life. Robin has now touched me.

I’m wishing you well this day and hope that you are a positive in the lives of those you encounter.

Thank you for being here. I am hoping that Coffee with Andi is always a good addition to your day. ♥️


Photos: by Robin 💕

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