A Bright & Sunny Day

Today’s weather is pretty much exactly same as yesterday, but there’s something different about this day.

Yesterday, I felt the warmth on my skin when I sat at the nature park for lunch. I remember the warmth because I had been cold in my office all morning. But was the sun really shining? I don’t recall. According to the weather channel it was.

I don’t recall acknowledging the day, or the sun, or anything special because I was sad. I thought I had lost something. Something good. Something important to me. My mind was cloudy.

Today, I am sitting at the nature park again. Same park. Same spot. Same sun shining brightly on me as yesterday. And I acknowledge and appreciate every bit of it.

What makes a day sunny? Well, the sun does, of course. But what makes a day bright? Finding out you didn’t lose anything the day before. Not a single thing. And not only isn’t it lost, it’s more awesome than it was before. Maybe we appreciate things more when we realize we could lose them.

Today, there is joy in the sunshine. ♥️


Photo: Italy, 2012

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