A Dusty Road

This weekend I took my own advice and crammed what I could into my weekend. When I think back to what I did Saturday morning, it seems like a long time ago. And that’s a good thing. I almost feel as though I returned from a vacation.

Yesterday evening we set out to take our dogs to Walnut Creek for a swim. But as it turned out it was too peopley in our swimming hole. So we drove on.

We took a road less traveled. And a dusty one at that. As we drove along the creek on this windy dirt road, trees became tunnels for us to pass through. I stopped several times to take pictures along the way and to watch the swiftness of the muddy, swollen creek from days of rain.

While I found tiny treasures of varied sorts, I also felt a loneliness on that dusty, off-the-beaten-path road. Perhaps, it is a longing. Not many travel this way. If they did, the road would be paved by now.

I also found peace. Such beauty out in nature and no one to answer to except for my God. I can just be.

How can one feel so empty and so filled at the same moment? There is much thinking to be had in such a place as this. I guess there is a certain magic found on roads less traveled.

I feel sad. Just a little. But I’m okay. I just have so much yet to learn about life. Maybe I should spend more time on a dusty road, along a winding creek, and near an old covered bridge to help me to understand the complexities of life. And of myself.

Until then…it’s off to face a world I’m just not ready to face today. I did enjoy my weekend so that is a blessing.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well. When things get tough, find yourself a dusty old road. There’s a magic of sorts on a road less traveled. ♥️


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