Complexity of Life

I am in bed and it’s still light outside. It reminds me of when my parents made us kids go to bed at 8:00 in the summer and we’d lie awake listening to our neighborhood friends still playing outside. Now I am putting myself to bed. And I don’t even care who’s still outside tonight.

Pretty much the only escape I have from the complexity of life is in the comfort of my own bed, in my own room. Tonight, I think I’d like to stay here forever.

I’m not sure how much of this complexity is of my own doing. I don’t recall going out in search of it. It just seems to find me. All I want is simple. I truly do not ask for much. A simple life complete with simple things. Like more coffee time with friends on my front porch. A yard that’s easier to care for. More time for writing. More bonfire time. And to love, and be loved by someone of my own, to soothe this ache within my heart. God has blessed me with friends though. And for that, I am truly grateful.

I also desire that our world find some common ground through peace. We are a tired world. An exhausted people. And the last year and a half has been most taxing. I’m not sure why everything has to be so hard. It would really be grand to have a break every now and again.

I know I’ve become stronger through complexity. This is very true. Complexity has been the theme of my entire life. But honestly, I am tired now and I don’t feel like dealing with it so much anymore. Hopefully, after a good night’s rest I will have the energy needed for another day.

Sleep well tonight and arise with a peace in your heart. Spread it around your little world, and I will do the same. If you cannot make your own life simpler, maybe you and I can lightened the load of another. Let’s aim for that.

I can still see the woods from my bedroom window. That’s okay. I don’t mind tonight. This is my place of peace and simplicity.



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