On Sunday I told Charlie to get ready ‘cause we were picking her up for the afternoon. Mattea and I drove over to get her and then we kept on driving.

Long drives through the country are always special. There is peace in that. You can usually find something that intrigues you. And we did. No, it wasn’t the yummy little ice cream place just off the beaten path, but an old town north of here.

We parked the car and walked on the old brick street around the court house located on the town square. The old jail was turned into an inn. There was an old saloon where lots of bikers had stopped on their way through town. Beautiful bikes lined two streets. There were two antique stores, and then what reminded me of an old five and dime store from days long gone. Just off the square was an old theater and Benjamin’s Diner.

But the most intriguing of all was a very old storefront with a wood sign hanging in the window which read “Always the Unusual”. Of course, we just had to take a closer look. Once peering through the windows, my first thought was you couldn’t pay me enough to stay in there all night. Of course, the bullet hole in the window added just the right touch.

It looked like something out of a scary movie. And it made you wonder when the last living person walked through it. When I looked higher up on the outside of the building, I read the old weather-worn sign: Museum. It was once a museum…..

The door handle in yesterday’s blog was from this little shop of horrors. I could probably write a story about this place, but I won’t. I’m not so good with scary things. What we could see was a sampling of what nightmares are made of. My nightmares anyway. My pictures though don’t capture the true creepiness inside.

I couldn’t get my pictures to turn out well. It wasn’t until we were ready to leave when I realized all I had to do was press the phone tight against the glass for a picture without a glare.

I’m just sharing a little randomness with you this morning. Pictures I found intriguing. Remnants of someone’s past.

I hope you enjoy this little diversion from my typical posts. It was a fun day. Too fun not to share with friends.



One thought on “Randomness

  1. I love just getting in the car and pointing to a random place on and old map and going there to see what we can find interesting about that place.

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