This day was a confused mess of weather. I’m sure the foliage loved the rain, sunshine, and humidity. Should it rain, or should it shine? I guess we will do both. So it did.

I realized something today. I try too hard at certain things. And I can’t do that anymore. It doesn’t make me feel good, and then I worry about what sources the energy was pulled from. And that causes a whole slue of problems of its own. I’m tired of feeling depleted and my bucket running on empty.

I guess this goes along the line of Selling Yourself, one of my recent blogs. Knowing when to stop. There has to be an equal balance of interest. If not, I just cannot exhaust myself trying to fit pieces of a puzzle together that don’t even come from the same box.

No worries. It’s all good. I’m a little sad sometimes but that’s just sentimental me. I’m not disappointed in myself because I am a good person and I gave my best. I’m not perfect, but I am good enough.

I’m sitting on my deck and the breeze actually feels cool at this moment. It’s lovely. I’m so glad to be home. I hope you are enjoying your evening as well. ♥️


11 thoughts on “Today

  1. We had been promised rain the past two days and nothing. Mt plants were wilting and begging for a drink. It was cool today which was nice but we could have used the rain. Some days you just have to take what you get.

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