Fun Times

I know I get pretty serious sometimes. We all probably do more so now than let’s say, two years ago. We live in pretty serious times. But let’s not forget to let our hair down once in awhile and have some fun. I did. And it was great.

Friday was the First Friday event in our city. The square is closed off and typically three bands play in different areas off the square. There’s food and plenty of drink options. 🥴 We certainly missed it last year.

I ran around with a new group of friends. We are supporting our mutual friend in his run for sheriff. What a fun bunch of people. We enjoyed a few hours of not caring about much else outside of our little world. There was a bonding and building of new friendships, laughing, a little dancing here and there, a lot of singing, and maybe acting a few years younger than our age. It was all good.

Those few hours helped my emotional state of mind a great deal. My spirit definitely needed lifting. It also made me realize why I fight so hard. I don’t want to lose the freedom to enjoy times like these.

So we need to find balance. Stand up strong for what is true and right. But then set it aside for a few hours to enjoy what you fight for.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. I appreciate that you take the time to read my stuff. I know how limited and precious time is. ♥️


Pam and me

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