Door to Door

The press secretary for the Biden administration has suggested that they will be coming to your house and mine to vaccinate. Or, in their words, educate you on the benefits of this safe and effective vaccine.

When have you every heard such a thing? How about Nazi German searching door to door for those who were not in compliance.

I heard a report that this so-called vaccine has a death rate 500x higher than that of the flu vaccine. That doesn’t even include the massive amount of injuries caused by this vaccine, of which the manufacturers are no longer liable. Truthfully, I’ve known people who got very sick from the flu vaccine but nothing more. I personally know of death, strokes, Covid-19, and Bell’s palsy from this shot. Me, in my little corner of the world, has seen enough.

No, thank you.

Not only that but we have absolutely no idea what long-term even looks like. No animal testing in this experiment. WE are the guinea pigs. WE are the experiment.

This isn’t about your health. This is about compliance with a government who is not looking out for your best interest. If they were, they would work harder at providing cleaner, healthier foods and water, and provide programs for exercise, teach gardening, and emphasizing all-around good health habits. But they don’t. They suggest a little jab’ll do ya. A jab of an experimental drug. Oh, and then a booster. Oh, and then another booster.

Again, no thank you.

Think about this long and hard. Don’t let anyone pressure you to do something you do not want to do. That is their hope. To pressure and scare you into taking this shot. Why? Keep asking yourself that.

I woke up early to a storm with this topic heavy on my heart. I had to write. Maybe I can go back to sleep now before my alarm goes off.

Have a good day. Be smart. Be safe. ♥️


Photo: pic I took on 07/05/2021

5 thoughts on “Door to Door

  1. Absolutely ridiculous that they are going to spend that kind of money and time to promote their agenda. I KNOW that they could spend that money and time on more productive or necessary things.

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  2. Republicans shot it down from what I’ve heard… I’m hoping whatever this devils brew is going to do will start happening soon so people can know what they’re trying to inject everyone with.

    So far, I have not known a single person die from the rona. But a woman from church had both her shots and died from a ruptured heart artery. And recently a woman from my town lost her baby at 37 weeks. 2 guys I work with always talk about not feeling well…

    I rest my case.


      1. People need to understand that this whole situation has never made sense. And when you start seeing the global wealthy elite spring into action like superheroes, it’s a major red flag. The Gates Foundation has always dabbled in experimental drugs. But just study the results of what happened to the people they administered to.

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