Selling Yourself

Often we try to sell ourself. We want a business to choose our product over another’s. We want that position at work. We want to fit in with that group of people. We desire for this person to like us. Maybe even love us.

We express all the ways that our service or our presence will benefit them. We encourage them to explore the possibilities, to open their mind. And sometimes, their heart. We paint a picture, and if that isn’t clear enough, we start over on another clean, white canvas.

We have a vision. A dream. We see beyond this moment. And to us, the future looks welcoming. If we are wise, we look for the best from all angles. When we see that the benefit outweighs the risk, we sell ourself.

Truth is though…it doesn’t always work out. And exhausting yourself doesn’t do you or them any good. Sometimes things just don’t click and it’s beyond our understanding. Things happen (or don’t happen) for a reason. It’s okay. Don’t feel ashamed for believing in yourself. Don’t be discouraged for doing your best. Someone somewhere needs you and/or your services. It just wasn’t meant to be. Continue to be a good person. Do everything with the best intentions. Be a good servant. Love with all your heart. Be thankful for the opportunity….even if it didn’t turn out as you wished. Tomorrow is another day.

Be grateful for the experiences given to you. ♥️


Photos: hydrangeas, 07/05/2021

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