July 5th

After working in the pyro industry for several years, I realize it’s very difficult to watch someone else’s work. I cannot stop wondering how things are going on the ground as the setup is taking place and then especially during the firing of the display. I pay attention to timing and shell size. I watch their use of cakes (ground display). I worry about those who hand-light and hope there are no accidents or injuries. I wonder about this and that. Last night I left in the middle of the display. Hey, at least I beat the traffic.

I did enjoy seeing so much patriotism in the park. I saw many families dressed similar in their red, white, and blue tie-dyed shirts. I saw several moms and daughters wearing matching flag print sundresses. I watched in admiration as a young man ran through the park while carrying a huge American flag. I am just so grateful for this country. And I believe that together we can get America back on the right track.

This is my 300th blog. I began this journey in January 2020. I’ve had 5,622 views and 2,523 visitors. These numbers don’t include those who receive the post through email. I am also on a blog streak. This one is the 31st day in a row.

Thank you for being here and giving me these numbers. I know not every post will be to your liking, and that’s okay. Sometimes I write off the cuff or during an emotional high or low. That’s not always good probably. But hopefully you can relate to some of it enough to where you might be inspired or encouraged, and overlook the ones where I’m simply a hot mess. I really do appreciate you so much.

I think I will celebrate with a cup of coffee out on my deck this morning as I enjoy another day off.

Let’s be grateful for freedom. So many would love to have what we have. ♥️


Photos: belong to Sky Magic Pyrotechnics

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