What does it mean to be generous?

liberal in giving or sharing; unselfish

I liked the definition in the Collins English Dictionary best because it uses the word unselfish.

We can be generous with our money, our possessions, our time, and with our heart. When you give of the things you have, the things considered to be yours, that is generosity. If you give, and give from your heart, you are a generous person. You are probably one who played well with others in the sandbox. And when you give these things without needing a pat on the back, that is true generosity.

Last fall, I was given a good price for work I needed done around my home. When the man told me why he would do it for that price he explained that my son, Jet, had helped him and his family through a very difficult time several years ago. I mentioned it later to my son and he had to stop and think about it. Then he remembered. I think that’s quite honorable to not hold a good deed over somebody as a reminder of look what I did for you.

I have friends near Chicago who would welcome you into their home, feed you the best Italian food, and take care of you if you had that need. Denise and her husband have helped my children and me numerous times throughout the years. Never once have they asked for anything in return except for friendship. I never want to take advantage of their generosity. They just keep it turned on.

I know a man. A gentle giant of a man. He walks tall in the shadows. He watches from afar. He reads between the lines. And he listens to what people are not saying. He sees and feels the needs of others and he freely and quietly gives.

He gives without reservation. He doesn’t ask what’s in it for him. His home is a paradise, a place of refuge, a fountain of peace. A place of learning about, touching, and appreciating nature. Basically, what’s his is yours because he believes that we are all just stewards of God’s blessings; the land and fields, the woods, animals, lakes, and streams. And it is our duty and privilege to care for such beautiful gifts.

To his family, his many friends, his neighbors, his community, and to me, he is larger than life. In reality, he is a humble man who doesn’t desire to stand out or be recognized. He prefers to remain behind the scenes. It’s where he works best. It’s where he finds his own peace. I respect that and will leave him nameless here. But blessings await him because he isn’t nameless to our Father.

In my lifetime, I have come across many generous people. People who give from the heart, like those mentioned here. I am blessed.

Generosity. Open your home, your pocketbook, and your heart when you see the need. There are blessings in it for you as well.

Goodnight, my friends. ♥️


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