Forgiveness & Letting Go

Probably one of THE hardest things for us to do is forgive. I think if we remember that the human in us is not perfect, we might find it easier to forgive. We all say and do things that we regret. We hurt others. We hurt ourselves. We sever relationships. But we can still ask for forgiveness or forgive others.

Granted, there are things that are beyond evil. In that respect, I think there is more of a need to let go instead of forgive. Let God handle the hardest people and situations. God forgives when we ask for forgiveness. Many times people in our life do not say they are sorry. It’s not our place to forgive those who do not want it or ask for it. God does not do that. He would not expect us to do something that He will not do. It’s about letting go instead and finding peace.

Don’t harbor the wrong of others. Let it go. Forgive when you can. I know this first hand as I have dealt with people with evil intent. People who have actually wanted to cause me physical harm. God won’t forgive them unless they go to Him with that request. He doesn’t expect me to do that either.

Forgiveness and letting go. Both are healing. If you need to ask for the forgiveness of someone in your life, please do so soon. There is healing in coming forward.

Find your peace today. ♥️


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