This is unlike what I’ve written before. It’s a little on the darker side. I wondered if I should share it or not. But, hey…I’m on a posting streak, I can’t break it and I’ve got nothing else to share tonight. Today is the 20th consecutive day to post. You can love this post or hate it. It’s okay either way. I might not write like this again. It came easy but was slightly uncomfortable.


I am way up on the high end of the teeter totter. Just sitting here enjoying the view. I see the Full Strawberry Moon in a blueish purplely sky with stringy pink cloud accents. A beautiful sight.

I love it up here. I feel the breeze blowing through my hair. I embrace the calmness. The peace. The hope. I feel the warmth of heavenly dreams inside me.


I glance down for a moment. I realize maybe I shouldn’t have but it’s too late. I can barely see who is below me. There’s an eerie blackness covering this person, like a heavy dark shadow, and I cannot make out who it is. Whoever it is, sits quietly, motionless. Are they even breathing?

I want to turn my eyes away as I feel afraid, but I cannot. I’m so very high above the ground. I am trusting this person whom I cannot see. And I wonder why I cannot recall how I got up here.

I feel a coolness rush over me and I am chilled. The sun is setting quickly and taking it’s warmth with it.

The seesaw moves slightly.

Who are you? I ask. No reply.

I repeat myself. They say nothing.
I think I want get down now.

I ask to be let down. I want to go home. Nothing.

Then the seesaw falls rapidly down midway, and with a quick jolt, I am back at the top. I can barely catch my breath. What is happening?

This happens again. And then a third time. I fall swiftly and then snap back to the top.

I want to go home!

After what felt like hours, I fall again to midpoint and come to an abrupt stop. Who are you?! Answer me, please!

The board is still. I’m chilled to the bone but it’s not because the sun is mostly gone now. We are sitting at the same level. In the dusk, I begin to see the outline of this person.

This cannot be real. How could it be?!

In a flash, I am shot back up to the top.

Why are you doing this? Just let me down and we can go home!

I beg and I plead…

Then I hear the familiar voice rising up from below. It’s mine. It’s me.

I’m sorry.

And I jump off.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day tomorrow. It’s Friday! ♥️


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