God provided us with perfection. The air that we breathe to the water we drink. The grasses that cover the earth and the animals that roam it. He gave us a body that wants to live and he provided a intricate systems to allow that to happen. He gave us an amazing immune system as well.

I’m not quite sure why we feel the need to change what He has provided. We extend life too but what is quality compared to quantity?

We cause our own demise in the name of advancement using science as the tool. We’ve polluted our air and water. Trashed our seas and torn down forests. We have destroyed ecosystems. We created disease and then the antidote. But this is in vain.

My backyard is farmland. This year it is corn. Every year the farmer alternatives between corn and soybeans. Corn in this field grows many times faster than corn in surrounding fields. It makes me wonder…

June 3rd

The first picture was taken June 3rd. Only twenty days ago. The second picture was taken today, June 23rd. My daughter is 5’10”. This makes me sad. It’s unnatural.

June 23rd

With progress comes a price. We pay by our health. We pay by depleting our soil to where it is no longer fertile. We pay by sacrificing our water supply to poison.

We need to do our part to protect our corner of the world. One yard at a time. One acre at a time. This world is on loan to us. We enjoy it for a season. We share it. When my kids were growing up and started borrowing things from other people, I told them to always return it in the same or better condition. That’s how our mindset should be concerning our precious planet.

I wear a beaded bracelet much of the time. The beads are made from the water bottles found in the ocean. I love this bracelet but it shouldn’t even be in existence. I bought it because a portion of the proceeds goes to further clean the ocean and this one in particular also helps protect leatherback sea turtles.

We are having to go backwards now to do much damage control.


So tonight I had to say something. I was sitting on my deck and overlooking the field. My only thought was it is unnatural.

Hope you don’t mind my venting. Still…it is a gorgeous evening. A perfect night. I can’t be all doom and gloom. Not tonight.

Goodnight, my friends. ♥️


4 thoughts on “Unnatural

  1. People wonder why cancer is so bad. Well, we eat poison filled food. Drink poison filled drinks. Bathe in poison. Wash our clothes and dishes in poison. And then there’s our toxic atmosphere.

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