A New Decade; A New Beginning

I spend much time in thought. I don’t even have to go to a happy place or my thinking spot to think. I just do. I believe that’s why I’m forgetful at times. It’s not that I have a problem with memory. I just have so much going on, you know…up there.

There are some things I want to change about myself, and hopefully, I will. They would make me a better person. But really I don’t mind thinking. I would not change that. There are situations where I should spend less time in thought, I agree, but it’ll balance it out one day with a little tweaking here and there. This is who I am. And for me, thinking turns into writing. And writing is where I find great peace.

I’m not quite where I want to be in life. I’m still trying to come to terms with that reality. But I realize it’s okay. Uncomfortable, but okay. I’ve just begun a new decade as I recently turned 60. It’s a perfect time to live and a most perfect time to love because this is the age of maturity. So I will embrace this new stage in my life…even though it’s a little intimidating.

Now is the time to tie together all the years of life lessons, friendships, love, child rearing, the expectations, the highs and the lows…and make this next decade the best yet. The 60’s should be the sum of all I’ve learned so far. Hopefully, I’m done making mistakes. The really big ones, anyway. And while I’ll never be done learning, I am beginning to feel the freedom that comes with age.

Now is not the time to quit, throw in the towel, to walk (or run) away. Now is the time to be the teacher instead of the student. Maybe I can use my abilities to help the younger generation understand their roles better, how to focus on the most important matters and let the rest go, because most things just don’t matter, and how to value life at any age.

Now is the time to enjoy life to the fullest. And I will.

I’m really excited at what adventure awaits. And I will share my journey with you, my friends.

Have a great Saturday. ♥️


Photos: my clematis

6 thoughts on “A New Decade; A New Beginning

  1. Yes. Now is the time to be the teacher! Too often, especially in this social media world, feel like people try to jump into the teacher role way too soon. In the meantime our society is starving for hard earned wisdom that doesn’t come until you’ve lived through several heartaches and at least five decades.

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