The Cicada Saga Continues

On Fridays I work in another city. Tonight, I needed to stop at the home office on my way home. Angie was working the front desk. I have to share a humorous story about my funny friend.

I am getting ready to leave the office when Angie quietly asks me, “Do you have a lot of cicadas at your house?” I’m like yes. I told her I have to pull them off me as I mow. And if they get caught in my hair or clothing they get really mad and they scream at me in cicada. Angie doesn’t live far from me at all but she said she has seen only a couple of them. She’s been on vacation too so she had no idea what to expect when she pulled into the parking lot at work and got out of her car.

Angie did the Cicada Dance…

the extended version.

Traumatized, she refused to leave the building at lunchtime and she ordered in Jimmy John’s. She also made arrangements for someone else to take care of the dogs at home since she wasn’t going to make it. She makes me laugh.

I haven’t heard as of yet but I hope she made it to her car after work. She wasn’t sure how she was going to do it. I probably should have stayed longer and walked her to her car. Did I tell you she makes me laugh?

I remember back in 1978 we had this purple martin bird house in our back yard. It was super tall and situated between the house and the clothesline. Those birds could be mean. And they were…to my mom. It got so Mom would walk across the yard to the clothesline or outbuildings wearing a laundry basket over her head. Mom made me laugh too.

Dear, sweet Angie…I hope you don’t have nightmares tonight and I hope you don’t mind me sharing your story. You make me laugh. ♥️


As soon as I sat out here on my deck, one flew into my hair and he yells at me like I purposely threw myself in front of him. Counting down the days…

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