The Cicada Dance

After my last blog, I was discussing in the comments about the cicada dance that I may or may not have performed in the parking lot at work. While it might seem strange to others who do not live in Cicadaville, that cicadas will actually land on you, the truth is they will…and they do. I think the trees are so full they have no choice now but to land on people.

I also believe they are not in their right mind as they are quite twitterpated from being in the ground for seventeen very long years. They are flying around aimlessly looking for true love. Or, maybe it’s lust. I don’t know as I’m not a cicada. But every once in awhile I will hear a ping as they fly into guttering and windows. Well, everything.

I think my most favorite dance routine ever is the nature dance performed by Betty White and Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. I laugh until I cry every time I watch it. The only problem I have with it is that it wasn’t a longer scene.

The cicada dance is nothing like that nature dance. And it’s never rehearsed. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before and it varies from person to person. It’s quite versatile too as it can be done in your driveway while getting your mail. It can be done in parking lots, on picnics, during photo shoots, and even while seated on your mower. Some have even performed the cicada dance in their car…which I highly recommend you avoid. Just ask the driver who abruptly stopped their cicada dance for a pole dance. A telephone pole, that is.

I hear we have several weeks yet of cicada dancing. Then they head back to the ground for another 17 years. This could possibly be my last cicada dance so I will try not to be so annoyed at them. They are just trying to get their last little yaaaaawhooooo in before their time is up. Can you blame them? Until then, I will try my hardest not to pull something, tear something, lose something, or fall down while doing the Cicada Dance of 2021. ♥️


Photos: my cicadas; a clip from The Proposal courtesy of the internet

2 thoughts on “The Cicada Dance

  1. For some reason this reminds me of a dancing show on tv I saw several years ago.

    They were auditioning dancers for something (I cant remember) but anyway you could tell how bad the dancers were going to be because every bad dancer would say something like “l don’t think the world is ready for me”. Well, this one girl shows up. Says the thing. She’s very well endowed in several places. Well, she dances… she’s slinging her arms around and throwing her hair everywhere. It was kind of strange… but because she was really attractive the male judges gave her positive scores. One female on the show gave her no slack at all. “….bees” “you looked like you were attacked by bees” she said.

    Unfortunately her vote kicked the girl off the show. But I think her dance might’ve been something like what you did.

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