I really don’t have much to say today except that I wish people would do some research. Last night about did me in.

I was in a building with about 120 people. The heat index for the day was 97. With 120 people in one place you know that body heat will override the AC. And it did. I had sweat running down my face and the middle of my back.

A little boy about 4 years old approached me. He had something he wanted to tell me. I couldn’t understand him even when I got down to his level. You see, this little man was wearing a mask. It was made of a thick, red fabric. I looked up at his grandma. I was already fuming inside. Out of 120 sweating people, this boy was the ONLY one wearing a mask. I got even angrier when I asked her what he said. She responded, “I don’t know.”

And then she continued…”He can’t be vaccinated yet so he has to wear the mask.”

Are you freaking kidding me?! This is child abuse. You will never convince me otherwise. I wanted to rip that thing off his face, hug him, and love him up, and take him outside away from those people. My heart aches because of the emotional damage we are causing our little ones. Not only is wearing a mask a major health risk for children, wearing it on an extremely hot day is asinine.

I looked for the rest of his family. He had parents, an older sister and an older brother. All maskless. Yet this little boy is singled out and separated…marked like a lepper, if you will. I can’t get him and his sad eyes out of my mind. It reminded me of the WWII era….

When all this comes to light (which it actually has), many people will regret that they took everything they heard on CNN as gospel. We are hurting our children and I’m just sick about it. I’m over this planned pandemic. A virus used to push the shot, which is the sole purpose.

I’m exhausted. Pain fills the deepest recesses of my heart. I love people and what is happening today is beyond comprehension. Unfathomable.

I’ve done a tremendous amount of thinking today. Enough has been said. I have to be done for the night.

Sorry, not sorry, for my rant. Children are near and dear to my heart. ♥️


8 thoughts on “Unfathomable

  1. It’s crimes against humanity, to give experimental drugs, not even approved by the FDA, fun fact for everybody,… to anybody especially children that have no say so. … Hitler experimented on kids also without their consent. Experimental drugs and nano technology that top experts in the field of virology Are saying is not even a vaccine. And it will not help protect against COVID-19 one bit. Forget them… Forget what they know… They only have a PhD from Harvard and have studied for 40 years regarding viruses. This world is currently being ran by psychopaths. If we let them get away with this huge crime against humanity.… We can’t… We just can’t. It will be the end of civilization as we know it. If we let these psychopaths get away with this… What else will they do next? Nuremberg Germany. It is where the Nazi trials were held after World War II. People all around the world are crying out for Nuremberg Germany to be used again. Nuremberg 🇩🇪!!!! To sentence again those that commit crimes against humanity. And execute them. Just like had to be done in the 1940s.

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