I just love road maps. I guess I’m still old school. I have a nice US roadmap in my car. It’s always there. You know…just in case.

Life is a journey and we each travel all on our own. You cannot print your map according to someone else’s. Your hope though is to find people whose map is similar to yours. At least maybe pointed in the same direction so you can travel somewhat together.

I am blessed with a few people whose journeys follow closely with mine. They make life good. One, in particular, is very near me yet also very distant for reasons I do not understand. And I wish it wasn’t so. And I wish I understood. But that is not my choice nor is it my journey. Life isn’t always black and white. It isn’t pain-free either. Regardless, I treasure this person, and always will. I will cherish our shared pathways whenever they do cross.

I know I’ve been away for a bit. My apologies. I still have a second part to post in respect to my blog Disrespect. I haven’t had the time or energy to feel that blog as of yet. It’ll come.

Currently, I’m sitting outside watching Nyx fly through the air chasing after cicadas. She finds them delicious. I’m trying to piece together my many thoughts as I watch her chasing breakfast. I’m in a great amount of physical pain as well and trying to decide what to do about that. Life.

Right now, my journey is uncomfortable. I guess that means I need to do some recalculating. Maybe I am experiencing a growing pain of sorts. Kind of how a butterfly squirms to get out of its cocoon.

My daughter, Charlie, sent this to me this morning:

Me yelling at birds in the road to MOVE, so they don’t die, is probably the same feeling God has while watching me live my life.

Maybe He tells us to move but we do not listen. Maybe we move just in the nick of time. But He will guide us if we allow Him. We just have to listen.

Life. It isn’t easy, but it is what we make of it. Move. Change. Grow. Just don’t stop living. We can’t always chart our map ahead of our journey, but we can have an idea of where we want to end up. That is important. Chase those dreams with the same determination and enthusiasm as Nyx chasing cicadas.

But remember…life is short, so fill it with as much love as possible. ♥️


6 thoughts on “Life

  1. I kind of relate with my followers like how you feel. I haven’t met any of you. But it doesn’t mean I don’t care. The way I see it, if we connect, there’s a reason. There’s a reason why we all met on a blog. But not everyone sees it like that. I’m just a guy on a blog. Bloggers come and go. But really, it isn’t like that. Or maybe I just think too deeply.

    Your daughter is exactly right! There’s a reason the Bible seems harsh at times. It’s not that God is mean or angry. He’s trying to tell those He loves to get out of danger.

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